City of Austin approves grant for Mobile Produce Markets this fall

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Austin, TEXAS – Farmshare Austin will transplant its organic farming initiative into mobile produce markets around the Austin area this fall. Recently awarded with a grant from the City of Austin, Farmshare Austin will soon be able to provide affordable, organically-grown fruits and vegetables to local residents via mobile food trucks.

“The City of Austin is deeply invested in ensuring everyone in our community has access to the highest quality food possible, as well as supporting our robust local farming community,” said Edwin Marty, the City of Austin’s Food Policy Manager. “The mobile market being developed by Farmshare Austin can achieve multiple goals by addressing the common barriers for accessing healthy food – mainly price and proximity.”

Marty hopes that the mobile produce markets can be expanded over time to supply the communities in Austin that are demanding healthy, affordable food and perhaps serve as a national best-practice for addressing health disparities and local economic development.

Digging us back down to our roots, Farmshare Austin promotes organic farming in Central Texas and recognizes the mobile produce market as an opportunity to make an impact on food access in the community. To ensure access to organic foods, Farmshare Austin will open its first mobile produce market this September at identified sites in the city’s food deserts.

“Farmshare Austin has been working since our inception in 2014 to make healthy, local food accessible to everyone who wants it,” said Taylor Cook, Farmshare Austin’s Executive Director. “The mobile farmer’s market program is going to be a dynamic tool to connect local farmers with parts of our city and county that do not have access to fresh food. We are really excited to start this project with the City of Austin and partnering organizations.”

Farmshare Austin has been working with the Sustainable Food Center, an Austin-based nonprofit supporting the local food system, to identify and prioritize sites in various zip codes in Austin.  To assist with affordability, the Double Dollar Incentive Program is available to market shoppers using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Compared to traditional farmer’s markets, Farmshare Austin’s mobile produce markets will provide fresh, organically-grown produce at more affordable prices. Farmshare Austin will continue to work with the City of Austin and other organizations to create a sustainable long-term mobile produce market program.

ABOUT FARMSHARE AUSTIN: Farmshare Austin is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which operates an organic farm in Eastern Travis County to provide education and training opportunities to aspiring organic farmers in Central Texas. By taking a whole-systems approach to securing community food resources, Farmshare Austin impacts the community by training organic farmers, improving farm practices, preserving farmland and increasing access to organic food. Farmshare Austin envisions a future of resilient local food economies with the resources needed to farm and ensure organic food access.

For more information about Farmshare Austin and its subsidies, please contact Taylor Cook at 512-337-2211 or by email at

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