Tree Grafting Workshop and Earth Day Gardening Party with Texas Keeper Cider

Date: Finished for 2017! Stay tuned for 2018!
Time: Noon-1:30pm for Tree Grafting Workshop, noon-5pm for Earth Day Gardening Party
Location: Texas Keeper Cidery
Description: Farmshare Tree Grafting Workshop at Texas Keeper Cidery

Learn this cool skill and take home some Southern heirloom apple trees you made yourself! Experience the history and techniques of fruit tree grafting in this hands-on workshop. Did you know that grafting has played a huge role in agriculture and still touches most of us every day from the fruits we eat like seedless grapes to delicious apple ciders we drink. The workshop will also include a bit of plant biology and the essential practices that separate a successful graft from a dud.

Fruit tree grafting is ideal for everyone from backyard gardeners to small farmers and allows you to add new varieties of fruit to established trees without investing the resources, space and time into a completely new tree.

Participants will practice what they learn in the workshop on apple trees that they will get to take home.

Price: Grafting Workshop Tickets are $35 each. This includes Event Admission and 2 grafted apple trees per participant.

Then, enjoy the rest of the Earth Day Gardening festivities:

* Heirloom Plant Talk
* Seed-saving & Plant Propagation Workshop
* Seed Swap & Plant Passalong
* Live Music
* AND to tide you over, Texas Keeper will be releasing their second collaboration cider with Blue Owl Brewing, plus delicious food from Cultivo Salsa Company & Catering

Admission to the Party without registration in the Grafting Workshop is $4 at the door and goes to support Farmshare Austin.

Jester King

A Brewer’s Garden w/ The Jester King

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: Farmshare Austin
Description: Join Farmshare Austin and Jester King to learn how to grow your own ingredients for home brewing and develop beers inspired by your garden and local ingredients. The class will be at Farmshare Austin’s organic farm where we will discuss and demo growing herbs, fruit trees, vegetables, and hops. Then we will have a working lunch to answer questions and help participants think about their specific space and garden design. We will also be joined by our friends from Texas Keeper Cider to share their own knowledge on ingredient production, selection and brewing.
In the afternoon Jester King will discuss how local ingredients inspire brewing, tips for recipe development when working with a new ingredient, and specific techniques for handling fresh ingredients in brewing. That evening, participants are invited to camp out at the farm and continue enjoying and sharing brews. This event is restricted to participants 21+.

Price: $35